Product: Svan Baby Bouncer

Origin: Sweden

Svan began its journey back in 1996 when friends and fathers Kjell Hagstrom and Anders Fallman invented the first Svan high chair. Success quickly followed the fathers’ creative design and the business blossomed into an innovative company focusing on baby and toddler chairs, tables, and toys.

An example of Svan’s continual innovation and product development can be found in the Svan Baby Bouncer. The Baby Bouncer is a truly unique product because of its simplicity and sleek design. Your baby can sit upright or lean back and it is the perfect place for rest when he or she is out of your arms. Some of the features include adjustability, toy loops, and certification from the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Olympic Insight: The equestrian events during the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne were held in Stockholm due to quarantine reasons.

Part of Svan’s mission is to “design without compromise.” This can be shown through the simplicity of the Svan Baby Bouncer.  This bouncer makes rocking easy and natural. Simply tap your foot on the floor base of the Baby Bouncer to gently rock your baby to sleep. It is also easy to clean. As all moms and dads know, your little ones can get their hands on anything. With the Svan Baby Bouncer, you will be able to quickly and efficiently clean the product to ensure a safe and clean place for your little one to sit.

What makes it green? The environmentally conscious design emphasizes sustainable raw materials, a lead-free finish, phthalate-free plastics, PBDE-free cushions, and low-VOC paint, which all lead to a green and safe product.


GreenCupboards’ deal of the week is the OrganicKidz stainless steel bottle, keeping your baby stylish and safe.

organickidz stainless steel bottle

Organickidz Stainless Steel Bottle

Was: $17.99

Now: $8.99

Purchase Your OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Bottle Now!

OrganicKidz stainless steel bottle is a safe alternative to glass and plastic bottles. The bottle’s lid doubles as a cup marked with 20oz/60mL so this bottle is great for weaning infants and measuring formula. The stylish dots over shiny steel are sure to catch the attention of all the other moms in the nursery.

OrganicKidz bottles are easy for small hands to hold, hard to damage, and dishwasher safe. One of the reasons this baby bottle is the best is that it can hold both hot and cold liquids.  You can also measure medicines and other things using the lid as it is marked to be a 20z/60mL measuring cup.

If you want a safe bottle that stands out then OrganicKidz stainless steel bottle is for you because we have cut our prices 50%.

This deal runs from July 30, 2012 through August 5, 2012.


Product: Elicina Snail Cream

Origin: Chile

Elicina is the innovator, inventor, and brainchild behind snail cream. A natural product from Chile, Elicina’s snail cream is organic, natural and hypoallergenic. The authenticity of Elicina is second to none. The family founded company spent 9 years researching the power of snail secretion and the benefits to healthy skin. Today, Elicina is without a doubt the leader in snail cream as a product for diminishing and softening wrinkles, scars, burns, acne, and stretch marks. 

Olympic Insight: Chilean athletes have won 13 gold medals. Their best sport: tennis.

80% of every container of snail cream is made from the secretion of the Chilean earth snail, the Helix Aspersa Muller snail. The other 20% of the product are excipients that serve as an inactive medium for the snail cream. This is an organic, safe and natural solution for pregnant women looking to eliminate stretch marks or anyone looking to battle wrinkles.

What makes it green? Elicina snail cream is made from the secretion of the Chilean earth snail, the Helix Aspersa Muller snail. This non-toxic formula combines organic, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients into a cream that is safe and effective for your body and the environment




Product: Parissa Men’s Tea Tree Wax Strips

Origin: British Columbia, Canada

Parissa started back in 1982 when founder Azar Moayeri began concocting an all natural hair remover in her family’s Vancouver, B.C. kitchen. More than 25 years later, Parissa has grown into a successful company dedicated to natural hair removal and social responsibility.

The Men’s Tea Tree Wax Strips are an example of Parissa’s dedication to progress in the hair removal industry. The 20 count wax strip product is designed to quickly and effectively remove men’s hair for up to 6 weeks. The mess free wax strips makes clean up a breeze. The kit also comes with Azulene oil which helps soothe, soften, and prevent ingrown hairs after waxing.

Olympic Insight: Why do swimmers wax before their big races? The most well known reason is that by waxing or shaving, swimmers can glide through the water much quicker because friction is reduced. Along with this, a less known reason for waxing and shaving is that it guarantees the shedding of already dead skin cells. Dead skin cells naturally fall off of our bodies, but with waxing or shaving dead skin cell removal is done effectively and quickly. With fewer dead skin cells, swimmers are much more sensitive to the feel and temperature of the water making adapting to the water easier.

What makes it green? Parissa believes that businesses have a responsibility to their environment, community and their employees. They collaborate with like-minded customers, retailers and suppliers to make this belief a reality. This means no toxic chemicals, no animal products or testing, no parabens or nasty preservatives and natural food-grade ingredients.


Home Town: Kamiah, ID. 

Job Title: Customer Care Specialist

Job description in your own words: I place orders, manage the ginormous amount of emails we get, help customers whenever the process is less than the ideal we strive for and mostly deliver.

Reasons for working at GreenCupboards: Great work environment! I love the feeling of team work and ownership. The fact that the company is growing and evolving always presents the team with new challenges keeping what otherwise might be mundane into an adventure.

#1 GreenCupboards shopping spree item (and why): Klean Kanteen Stainless steel Water bottle. These are great durable water bottles that I can throw into my ruck, or pack without worrying about them leaking. I can also use then for other liquids without having to worry about the stainless steal taking on the flavor of the soup or coffee I transported in it.

What environmental issue concerns you most and how would you like to see that resolved: I am most concerned about climate change and its impact on the Island nations and costal regions. I also spend a lot of time outdoors so air quality, clean trails and scenic views. This requires a wholistic approach to growth and stewardship of public lands.

Any non-generic hobbies outside of the office? I have a garden and I write theology. I am currently working to publish my Masters thesis.

One time I: Was in Madrid during the train bombing, Million person march against terrorism and the subsequent change in the Spanish government.

Before I die I would like to: Visit every continent, bungee jump, run a marathon, earn a PHD, read 10k books and always prioritize relationships over activities.

Favorite Place on Earth: The Northwest! Washington, Oregon and Northern Idaho are the most beautiful places on earth.

Favorite food: My Grandma’s Potato Salad

My favorite un-google-able questions: Do all religions have the same basic tenants? To which the response always requires further clarification, study and nuance.

I would like you to know: I am a person of faith but I don’t believe in Dogma. I am person of peace but I serve in the military. I am a person who loves abstract arguments but insists on concrete actions. I embrace the cognitive dissonance of these positions and find inspiration, insight and direction in the tension.


London's Olympic Park

London's Olympic Park

This year’s summer Olympics kicks off in a few days and the London games aim to be the greenest yet. The Olympic Delivery Authority has outlined four main goals for this year’s summer games including using less energy, protect wildlife, manage the quality of air and water, and reduce waste. The Olympic Park created for the 2012 games is the largest European park built in 150 years. In total, 90 percent of the materials used to create the park is re-used and recycled. Even with so many green goals for the 2012 Olympics, the event is still getting some criticism for not being as green as it claims to be.

Olympic Park is already filling up with the world’s greatest athletes ready to compete for gold. To cut down on energy waste, Olympic Park uses as much renewable energy as possible which helps limit the release of greenhouse gasses. The park has a biomass boiler that will burn recycled woodchips to generate power. All the food sold during the games will have biodegradable packaging composed of bio plastics made from starch and cellulose.

Before any construction began, there was a survey done of plants and animals living in the park. A cleanup crew removed tires, shopping carts, and even cars from the river that runs through the park. Proper steps have been taken to ensure the nature life of the park will not be upset during the Olympics. After the summer games are complete, 111 acres of land in the Olympic Park area will be designated for the natural wildlife.

Even with all these green steps in the right director, there is some criticism. Some would like to see the London Olympics welcome a greener form of transportation. Thirty miles of roads around the games will be transformed into games lanes when the Olympic Games begin. A mere five percent of this space will be accessible by bike. The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) criticizes the game lanes and notes there will not be bus lanes or access. The ETA also said Olympic Park would be shutting down a bike trail called Lea Towpath which could be used to get to the park from the south by cyclists.London Olympics 2012

There has also been some debate regarding fast food sponsorships at this year’s Olympic Games. McDonalds and Coca-Cola have a long history with the Olympics. McDonalds has sponsored the Olympics since 1976 and Coca-Cola since 1928. However, this year the London organizers are attempting to edge out the fast food giants by not allowing them to sponsor the games. Despite efforts by McDonalds and Coca-Cola to make their image healthier by offering salads and water, the games still view these corporations as being unbeneficial to a the Olympic lifestyle the event is supposed to promote.

GreenCupboards will be keeping our eyes on the Olympics this year and we invite you to share this moment in history with us from a green perspective.


The housing market continues to be unfriendly to most who are looking to sell their homes. Despite market conditions however, California offers a small solution to the problem in the form of a certification that helps certain homes stick out among the smog.

The certification is a green label given to homes by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), GreenPoint Rated and Energy Star. These three labels offer green homes and homeowners several advantages over a home that hasn’t been deemed “green.”

According to the Huffington Post, the green rating increases the resale value of green homes by an average of 9%.  That may not seem like a lot, but factor in a $400,000 average home price in California and that 9% turns into $35,000.

The second thing that green ratings do for homes is increase the speed at which they sell. As environmental consciousness continues to rise, so does the demand to live in a green home. From the consumer mindset it makes sense. As people continue to change their diet and overall lifestyle to better suit the environment, the demand to live in an environmentally friendly home seems to be the next logical step. Green homes allow a green lifestyle to come full circle. With a certified green home, that veggie burger you are cooking is being made on an energy star approved appliance and the ventilation keeping you warm is made from recycled materials.

So, what is the downfall with green rated homes? It sounds too good to be true, right? You buy a home with a green seal, you live an eco-friendly life, and when you want to sell your home you can sell it faster and for more money. Well, these are all true but there are a couple things to look out for when buying your green rated home. First, there is no system to rate the upkeep of green labeled homes. Let’s say 5 years ago a home was bought with a green certification but over time the heating and ventilation was replaced with ventilation that didn’t meet any Energy Star standards. Despite the new ventilation the home would maintain a green label. Also, the increase in price on a green home can be a double-edged sword. Yes, on average you can sell your home for more, but that also means the home costs more to get into. For families on a tight budget this can hinder the ability to buy a green labeled home.

Remember, even if you don’t live in a green labeled home you can still carry an eco-friendly lifestyle into your home. How have you “greened” your resting place? It may be a garden in your backyard or cloth diapers for your little ones. Whatever it is, let us know in the comments!



The 2012 London Olympic Games kick off in just a few days. Go Team USA! To get into the spirit of the games, GreenCupboards is counting up to the first 25 medals Team USA earns. We are looking for Gold, Silver and Bronze! They all count! Once we reach the magic 25 number, GreenCupboards will launch a site-wide FLASH SALE for 25 hours!*

GreenCupboards Olympic Flash Sale

Based on previous games, we predict Team USA to reach 25 medals around August 1st or 2nd. It may come down to how well Michael Phelps performs, we’ll just have to wait and see. If Team USA reaches 25 medals during the weekend, we will launch the flash sale on Monday– just to ensure everyone has an opportunity to do as much shopping as possible!

At GreenCupboards, we are already cheering for Team USA. We can’t wait for the games to officially start! The YouTube video below has been going around the office, getting people pumped for the games. Check it out to get inspired!

Are you getting just as excited about the games as we are? How do you plan to watch the games? Will you watch on TV or over the Internet? Do you plan to stay up late to catch of the games live in London? Are you hosting or going to any Olympic watching parties? We would love to hear from you! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

*Some exclusions do apply. Check out our coupon page to learn more.


Vegans and Vegetarians can get all the protein they need out of the Deal of the Week, Sunwarrior Rice Protein.

rice protein

Sunwarrior Rice Protein

 Was: $29.97

Now: $15.00

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Sunwarrior is one of the best sources for vegetarian and vegan protein. Sunwarrior’s non-chalky formula mixes smooth and has a great taste. Rice Protein is perfect for vegans, vegetarians and because it’s so easily digestible, is beneficial for infants and elderly adults as well.

The extraction process Sunwarrior uses is unique in that it does not involve any chemicals or acids, only organic enzymes are utilized in the system to keep the protein’s 100% Organic Compliant. Rice protein benefits include weight loss, natural vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, tocotrienols, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

Sunwarrior Rice Protein is made from endosperm and the bran from raw spouted whole grain brown rice. This process results with a complete hypoallergenic protein made up of nine amino acids. Sunwarrior Rice Protein has the Highest Net Protein Utilization score of any vegetable based protein.

Vegans and Vegetarians rejoice, this week only, Sunwarrior Rice Protein is half off.

This deal runs from July 23, 2012 through July 29, 2012.